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Who We Are

MsPrint USA is a custom apparel & merchandise printing shop with a educational component dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs. The fashion industry has evolved to a place where clothing stores are manufacturing and printing their garments overseas. Instead of outsourcing jobs, we print on U.S. soil then donate a portion of the proceeds to support women entrepreneurs across the country. We are dedicated to supporting women workers on U.S. soil and beyond.

Our Herstory

Our CEO, Shelly Bell, a woman of color, Computer Scientist, Educator, Designer, Artist, and Community Organizer. Her passion for empowering women sparked when she realized that being woman engineer meant becoming a triple minority. While teaching Computer Science to high schoolers at TC Williams High School in Alexandria, VA she learned the screen printing process and she fell in love with it!

After years of dabbling in the print industry she realized that she would rarely ever meet other woman screen printers. Why was this? Was screen printing a “man’s job?” Too gritty for a woman’s pretty? To grudge for her nudge? NO! Customers care more about high quality print jobs than the gender of the printer so she said “HAND OVER THE SQUEEGEE!” and MsPrint USA was born!

MsPrint USA is a woman owned print shop with a team of women designers and printers. We add a feminine level of awesomeness to all things, but most of all we pay attention to detail. Society compares men and women at every turn, but we just want to design and print with the highest quality possible while benefiting women all over the world.

Shelly envisions developing a “Print Like a Girl” program that teaches young girls various methods of print and ways they can become creative entrepreneurs.


Get cash back!

Everyone likes cash back! Receive 10% cash back with our Gold Star Program. Email us at for more information.

Benefit women across the country.

We hire women workers on U.S. soil and donate to programs for women of color entrepreneurs. A portion of the proceeds from every order goes to Black Girl Vision. Black Girl Vision is dedicated to the social and economic empowerment of women of color through its initiatives in micro-finance, business development and community engagement.

-We commit to creating ways for women of color to gain access to capital.

-We commit to providing access to training and business coaching ranging from starting a business to scaling a business.

-We commit to working to bridge the gaps between black women and influential networks.

Customer Experience is everything!

Great customer service is the center of our operation. We are available to speak with you Monday thru Friday from 10am – 6pm. In the wake of new technology everyone seems to push their customers toward quote forms which make you wait for an email response. NOT HERE! MsPrint would love to hear your voice. You have the option of completing a quote form, calling us or having us give you a call to discuss your needs directly.

We are dedicated to your details.

You are able to proof your design and/or receive samples of your order before going to print. MsPrint wants you to feel 100% sure of your final product. Even though we offer the fastest turnaround in the business we do not believe in rushing our customer’s approval of designs. We want you to look and feel fabulous in the design that you or your company has imagined.

Refer a friend and Reward a friend.

Our referral program gives you rewards for referring new customers. Spreading the word about MsPrint is a noteworthy act. We want every order to not just be complete but to build relationships with community members. Rewards include order discounts, gift cards, and more!

Your order is in good hands.

We became the experts so you didn’t have to! Our associates have in depth knowledge of fabrics, colors, printing methods, and printing materials. We are passionate about custom design and printing. Our team works around the clock to ensure that your design is perfectly printed as you desire.

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